Patent Portfolio

Lpath has achieved a broad and deep intellectual-property position in the bioactive lipid area. The Company's patent portfolio is comprehensive with over 50 issued or pending patents in the U.S. alone, with corresponding international filings. A number of our issued patents and pending patent applications concern the use of reagents and methods designed to interfere with the actions of bioactive lipids involved in human disease. Our intellectual-property portfolio includes compositions of matter that specifically bind to sphingolipids and sphingolipid metabolites. These reagents, including antibodies, have already found, or might find in the future, use in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and disorders, including cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, ocular disease and angiogenesis. The Company has also obtained issued claims on sphingolipid targets (e.g., receptors, signaling sphingolipids) and methods for using such targets in drug discovery screening efforts. In short, the Company believes that its patent estate will provide broad, commercially significant coverage of antibodies, receptors, enzymes, or other moieties that bind to a lysolipid (or a sphingolipid metabolite), for diagnostic, therapeutic, or screening purposes.