Lpath's ASONEP™, which targets S1P, has multiple mechanisms of action and may prove to be the first in a new generation of anti-cancer therapeutics.”
With its proprietary ImmuneY2™ platform technology, Lpath is the only company to successfully generate and advance therapeutic antibodies against several important bioactive-lipid targets.”
Lpath continues to leverage its ImmuneY2™ drug-discovery engine to expand its pipeline of novel antibody therapeutics.”
Compelling data from various ocular studies indicate iSONEP™ has significant potential in the treatment of a broad range of retinal diseases, many of which represent unmet medical needs.”
Inspiring Breakthrough Therapies

...Inspiring Breakthrough Therapies.

Lpath, Inc. is the category leader in lipidomics-based therapeutics, an emerging field of medical science whereby bioactive signaling lipids are targeted for treating important human diseases.